Daily Moments

The View from the Ridge

Today is the first time in a long time that I start writing again. The year 2020 was the last time I posted any thoughts, and here it is 2022. In those two years, I moved from a large high school teaching English to a small charter school teaching English and chicken husbandry. Then I retired. Then I took a job at a new charter school where I spent two months and ended up retiring…again…after a scare in the hospital with VERY HIGH blood pressure. I then moved high on the ridge outside a very small town in the driftless area of Wisconsin. A 400 square-foot cabin, no plumbing, but we have electricity and wi-fi. Funny, huh. We drilled a well, so we have water at the wellhead in our front yard but no plumbing. A port-a-potty and some water jugs. The well water supplies our four dogs, two cats, one miniature donkey, one horse, six chickens, and one sheep…and less importantly, us, with a hydration supply. Our heat source is the small wood stove that my husband cuts wood for, and he wakes up a couple times a night to keep the fire burning. Today, I start writing again to tell my story of daily moments that can never be lost.



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